Gagliano Sensei Practice Times

Gagliano Sensei

The sessions that Gagliano Sensei will be teaching are scheduled at:

  1. Friday, January 20 - 1:00pm to 3:00pm
  2. Friday, January 20 - 4:00pm to 6:00pm
  3. Saturday, January 21 - 11:30am to 1:30pm

Non-member Aikido practitioners are welcome to join. If you would like to attend, be sure to print out the map to Legends Training Centre. If you need assistence or clarification, please email us at

Sensei Gagliano comes to Edmonton

Gagliano Sensei performing Hiji Shime

The Edmonton Aikido Club is fortunate to have Sensei Paul Gagliano, sixth degree black belt, visit our dojo and provide instruction on January 20 and 21.

     Sensei Gagliano teaches at the Aikido Yoshinkan Canada (AYC) Club in Toronto. Anyone who is interested in attending our training sessions is welcome to join us. Times will be provided at a later date.

    Seminar Photos

    There are a couple of photos from the seminar now posted to the website: one of just senseis and another with everybody. Our thanks for Mustard Sensei coming out to Edmonton to share with us!


    We have canceled all classes for the week of Aug 29. We will resume our regular schedule starting Sep 5. Cheers!

    A note about fees for Mustard Sensei's visit

    As previously noted, be aware that the fee for attending one session is $50 or $80 for admittance to both. Payment will be made at the door, cash only.

    A message from Allen Sensei

    Welcome to our website. I would like to draw your attention to the 'practice' and 'presentation' seminars to be held on August 26th and 27th. These seminars will feature Robert Mustard Sensei 7th Dan Yoshinkan Aikido master.

    The Friday 'practice' session will be open to all Aikido practitioners regardless of school. The Saturday 'presentation' session will be open to all martial artists interested in developing their understanding of Aikido, even to those martial artists who have never practised Aikido before.

    Robert Mustard Sensei Visits Edmonton!

    Mustard Sensei throws an attacker
    As mentioned previously, Robert Mustard (Aikido Yoshinkan 7th Dan) is visiting our Club! See the attached image for details.

    If you'd like to attend, be sure to print out the map to Legends Training Centre, as it can be difficult to find.

    Robert Mustard Sensei Comes Aug 26/27

    Mustard Sensei throws an opponent

    The Aikido Edmonton Club is pleased to announce that we will be having the very skilled and knowledgeable Robert Mustard Sensei as our guest to teach on August 26th and 27th!

    Mustard Sensei is a Yoshinkan 7th Dan who operates a dojo in Burnaby, BC. For more information about him and his club, visit Details about the upcoming seminar will be released soon.

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