Open Class - January 23rd

Working out not working out? Give Yoshinkan Aikido a try!

Photo courtesy of Leanne Klimek

Aikido Edmonton invites you to our free Open Class on Saturday January 23rd at 3:30pm! In this fun and casual setting, you'll try out some basic stances and a simple technique to get the feel of what Aikido really is.

Aikido is the martial art for intellectuals, nerds, and otherwise thinky people. Learn how to use gravity and momentum instead of brute strength to throw or pin an opponent without harm. Its physics-based nature means that there is always a new, interesting aspect to learn and improve. Students gain useful life skills including mental discipline, improved balance, and calm confidence, all while having fun.

- Time & Place -
Legends Training Center
3:30pm January 23, 2016

- Equipment -
1. White dogi - OR - Regular workout clothes (t-shirt, sweats).
2. Sandals / flipflops / socks required for walking to the mat.

- Transport -
If you're interested in attending but need help getting there, let us know and we'll see if we can help.

- RSVP -
Facebook Event
or email