Edmonton Aikido

At the Aikido Edmonton dojo, our core curriculum is the 250+ standing and sitting, Yudansha techniques of the Yoshinkan Aikido style. We also practice Yoshinkan style bokken and jo weapons kata. We will also study the philosophies and practice the techniques of other styles and martial arts provided they are consistent with the fundamental principles of Aikido and its foundational martial arts.

As we study the Yudansha techniques, overtime our understanding of Aikido philosophy will increase, as does our understanding of the essence of each technique, or its “riai”. Should we have to use Aikido in self-defense our movement will be the essence of a technique or techniques, which we have practiced repeatedly in the dojo.

To help us acquire proper Aikido technique we must understand the meaning of the seven basic elements of Aikido. These will develop the power of a united mind and body. To develop this inner power for personal growth and to be able to use it effectively in self-defense is the central goal of Aikido.